Candice and Reilly’s Mana Pools bush wedding

Candice and Reilly had their perfect wedding on the floodplains of Mana Pools National Park, in a grove of the ever Mana-iconic faidherbia albida trees, accompanied only by their immediate family, passing plains game, and the sounds and smells of the Zimbabwean bush.  Simple and elegant, with no frills but the friendly companionship of the Zambezi river and its beautiful brooding escarpment, what nature lover could ask for more? Then an afternoon of drinks on the riverbank, and later, campfires and dinner under the stars - and some slow exposures to round it all up.  Cands and Reilly and family, thank you for letting me be part of your wonderful wedding experience, I hope these photos capture the warmth and light of a magical few days. 

Expertly put together by Milo & team at the wonderful The Mana Pools Safari Company, Mana Pools National Park 

Flowers: Fresh n’ Wild 

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